SplintEEZ™ Ankle vs Traditional Cast

Novortex is a swedish startup with the goal to improve healthcare. We are excited to present our first product SplintEEZ™ Ankle, the better Cast!

Find out more about it by watching our short introduction film below or take a look at the many benefits of the SplintEEZ™ Ankle over the traditional cast.


SplintEEZ™ Ankle Introduction
  SplintEEZ™ AnkleTraditional Cast
Application to a broken ankle   okFast and easy
  • Less than one minute
  • Only one person
  • No mess
SplintEEZ Ankle - Application
partly okTime/Labor Intensive
  • About 10 minutes
  • At least two people
  • Messy/Dirty
Traditional Cast Application
X-Ray Capabilities   okVery Good
  • Translucent to X-Rays
  • Can stay on
X-Ray Image with SplintEEZ Ankle
partly okProblematic
  • Cast is visible on Xray-pictures which makes interpretation more difficult
  • Cast has to be removed and re-applied
X-Ray Image with Cast
Adjusting Fit   okFast and Easy
  • Less than one minute
  • Only one person
SplintEEZ Ankle - Adjusting Fit
not okNot Possible
  • Needs to be removed and re-applied
Change/Renew   okFast and Easy
  • Inner foam can be changed easily
  • Only one person
not okNot Possible
  • Cast needs to be removed and re-applied
  • Time and labor intensive
Dislocation of Ankle Joint   okWorks
  • Provides good support
SplintEEZ Ankle - Dislocation
  • Challenging to apply cast
Using AV-Pump (IPC)   okFast and Easy
  • Reduces hospital time by 3.5 days (pdf, swedish)
  • Provides DVT prophylaxis
  • Reduces post operative trauma, pain and swelling
SplintEEZ Ankle - AV-Pump
  • Difficult to apply
  • Has to be 'build into' the cast